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S&P 500 Forecast for Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Updated: Aug 1, 2022


89% (8 correct statements out of 9 statements.)

Day's Theme - In the morning there is a strong move higher to reach a the same high as August 31st AND/OR to reach the first high for the month of September. Around midday a reversal begins. A sharp drop between 10:30am and 12:45pm est. The drop meets a support level and reverses AND/OR the drop begins with a reversal off of a newly established resistance level. The drop is followed by sideways movement. Between roughly 12:30 - the close there is another notable decline AND/OR sideways price swings. Closes off the high but within an established range.

1-Day High - between the premarket and 11am AND/OR between 2pm and the post market.

1-Day Low - Between roughly 10am and 12pm est. AND/OR between roughly 1:45pm and the close.

Planned Trades -

1) Selling to close (some or all TBD) call spreads and or long calls around 9:30 - 9:45am est.

3) Buy to open a small position of shallow OTM Puts around 9:45am - 10:11am est.

2) Buying to open ITM or ATM puts & shallow short expiration OTM Calls AND/OR deep ITM far expiration calls AND OTM near expiration Puts around 2pm - 3pm est.

#MoonEntersPisces @5:34am est.


"NASDAQ opens at fresh record high"
"U.S. IHS markit Aug. Manufacturing PMI at 53.1 vs 50.9 prior"
"Tech, cons. discretionary lead"
"DXY" "Hogan: too many variables to say Biden presidential win will hurt markets" "Stocks open mixed"
"Zoom shares surging Q3 rev. guidance: $685M-$690M"
RLLCF, ZM "Rolls-Royce motor CEO: have seen quite an impact from Covid, but back on track"
"Mnuchin to testify to house virus panel" "NASDAQ on pace for 6th straight week of gains"
WMT "Walmart;s prime challenger starts this month" "The return of restaurants"
"GBP-USD" "U.S. dollar drops to a 2-year low" "Markets kick off September on a 5-month winning streak"
"INDU" "Mnuchin: Trump supports additional fiscal response" "Equipment rentals rise amid economic uncertainty"
"Mnuchin to call Pelosi later today to discuss stimulus" "USCY3M10"
"INDU" "Mnuchin: most of checks to decreaed have been recovered" MCD
"SPX" "Mnuchin: ready to negotiate with Pelosi on relief" MCD


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