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S&P 500 Forecast for Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


Day's Theme - Crossing a significant support / resistance level AND/OR the crossing of significant moving averages. In the premarket there is sideways rotation possibly with a trend higher. An life-changing decision between two rulers is highlighted around the open AND/OR coming out of the open their is sideways rotation reflecting an indecisive market sentiment. Between roughly 10:45am and 12:15pm est. a trade opportunity is presented when one of the following is highlighted: a female leader AND/OR environmental issues are highlighted. From roughly 12pm to 1:20pm there is selling through a support level off of a peak. A move higher from roughly 1pm to 2pm est. From roughly 2pm to 3pm est there is extreme price swings and volatility AND/OR a rally out of a trough to a crest followed by selling into the close. Closes within range-bound. In the postmarket there is a move higher AND/OR a breakout through resistance at the top of the previously mentioned range.

1-Day High - Selling through support off of the postmarket high AND/OR selling off of high and through support but remaining range-bound. At least three more crests are formed at the upper edge of the range.

1-Day Low - Forms between roughly 10:45am and 12:30pm est. There is a lower low on Wednesday. There is a very notable move higher or notable rally off of today's low AND/OR off of tomorrow's low. Tomorrows low will form when several smaller negative factors gains momentum creating a strong decline.

Planned Trades - One advises me to buy to open ATM straddles or long ATM calls between roughly 11am and 12pm est. at the moment when one of the following is highlighted: a female leader AND/OR environmental issues are highlighted.

Place range-bound day trades using the premarket high as the upper end of the range and the midday low around 11am - 12pm est. as the lower end of the range.

#SaturnDirect @1:11am est.


Dow closes 400 points higher.
Averages indicate Q3 gains.
Dow decreases 200 points.

2.2 trillions dollar stimulus package. VIX Index.
Opinion equities will suffer from election volatility.



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