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S&P 500 Forecast for Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


100% (9 correct statements out of 9 statements.)

The theme of the S&P 500 for today is the dramatic conclusion of a cycle through sudden and unexpected losses. The ending of a relationship or situation that was once relied upon, through treachery, misfortune, or back-stabbing. A Strong decline through multiple (10) support levels fueled by unexpected news is the overall behavior today. In the premarket there is a sharp dip AND/OR a notable price swing within a period of volatility. From the open mixed sideways bullish movement becomes a strong move higher eventually breaking a resistance level before reaching a peak around 9:50am-ish. From this peak a very strong and sudden decline to the day’s first low takes place in response to bad news involving congressional legislation AND/OR involving a large institution(s). Satisfactory economic data suggests continued growth and from this low sideways bullish rotation is exhibited as investors position themselves to protect their gains. Between around 12pm and 1pm est there is a notable drop followed by flat behavior on low volume. From 1pm through 2pm est the S&P exhibits a holding pattern until a critical choice is made. In the face of seemingly overwhelming headwinds a strong rally breaks out of this holding pattern between roughly 1:30pm and 3pm est. From this rally a decline off of a peak trades place moving into the close. Right around the close there is a decline into a reversal off of support is followed by a rally back to a reversal off of resistance, and then another decline to the same support level. Fear and confusion cause price fluctuations AND/OR a temporary decline in the post market.


#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins14/4/21@6:02pm est. Finishes14/4/21@8:00pm est.

#VenusEntersTaurus @2:22pm est.


JPM, GS, Wells Fargo kick off 1Q earnings
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(WORK), (SPOT), (PLTR), (RBLX), Brian Armstrong, Coinbase co-founder; JPMorgan 1Q adj rev $33.12B, est. $30.42B
Coinbase to debut on NASDAQ, $250 reference price for listing; Egypt seizes ship over Suez blacking
Coinbase direct listing, Ohanian on early Coinbase stake
Cramer's first take
Coinbase going public today, direct listing on NASDAQ; Key earnings season kicks off
(GS), Futures off morning highs, bank earnings in spotlight; (GS), (JPM), (WFC), Stocks to watch ahead of the open
Awaiting Coinbase first trade; Bernie Madoff has died in a federal prison: AP
Awaiting Coinbase first trade; Energy leads early gains
Bernie Madoff dead at 82; Stocks fluctuate as earnings roll in
CDC advisory panel meets today to discuss J&J vaccine; First quarter bank earning sbegin
Coinbase indicated to open at $340
Sheffield: expect doublepoint transaction to close in May
(ARKX), (UFO), (SPCE), Sierra Space touting $3B in active contracts
(DISCA), Discovery slips; Belgium plans to end curfew, allow two close contacts May 8
Three major banks post huge earnings beats; (TSCDY), (RYAAY), (ESYJY)
The S&P 500 on pace for 4th straight week of gain; Powell: now is not the time to prioritze long-run debt concerns
Powell: not the tie to prioritize deficit; Powell: greater outreach to congress has been deliberate
Coinbase going public today, awaiting first trade; Awaiting landmark coinbase listing
(COIN), Coinbase opens for trading at $381 vs $250 reference price; Coinbase opens at $381 in NASDAQ debut
(WFC), Wells Fargo rallies on earnings beat; USGG10YR, Bonds fall as yields rise
(FB), Facebook getting rid of "likes?"; RTY, Russell 2000 outperforms
Peak crypto craze? the real read on coinbase
The Coinbase craze, early investor weighs in
Coinbase listing marks crypto milestone
(MRNA), (PFE), (BNTX), Awaiting recommendation from CDC panel on J&J COVID vaccine
X marks the spot, U.S. steel jumps 7%+; Moenra CEO: working on vaccines to protect against COVID-19 variants
Coinbase (COIN) closed at $328.28, giving the cryptocurrency exchange an initial market cap of $85.8B
Qantas has flexibility to bring forward, push back intl restart
Cramer: Nikola was the first big EV SPAC merger - it shot into the stratosphere and opened the floodgates
AAPL is up 84% in the past year; Coinbase marks whipsaw debut
Police brace for another night of unrest over Daunte Wrights killing; Poell sees Taper before liftoff



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