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S&P 500 Forecast for Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


93% (13 correct statements out of 14 statements.)

I am presented with an opportunity to protect gains and/or open bearish positions today while the S&P 500 is rallying. In the premarket a male leader in business or a male celebrity provides inspiration/motivation with a new innovative idea/solution that involves an improving view of the financial situation. Movement of the S&P in the premarket reflects an increase in investors’ motivation which pushes the market higher. Right around the open a temporary pause in the rally pushes the S&P into sideways movement crossing the one support/resistance line three times. Between the open and approximately 10am a pending decision gets the green light AND/OR a very strong bullish move occurs out of the early morning low. The rally transitions into sideways fluctuations between roughly 10am and 11am. Between approximately 11am and 12pm a crest forms during a period of bullish rotation into defensive positions. This behavior reflects the Street’s willingness to rally through a struggle despite no clear end in sight. Roughly between the hours of 12pm and 1pm sudden bad news sends the S&P into a sharp decline. A second trough/low forms between 12pm and 2pm when courageous bulls "buy the dip" causing a rally that fully retraces its preceding decline. The days second crest forms between approximately 2pm and 3pm when a failed retest of the preceding high becomes another decline that transitions into a bearish rotation before 3pm. Sideways bullish price swings are exhibited in the last hour of trading. Environmental issues are highlighted at this time. A notable spike higher right around the close leads the S&P to a third crest which forms between the close and the post market. In the post market EITHER/BOTH (1) a reversal off of a resistance level AND/OR (2) a decline through a support level. Either path leads to a reversal off of an already established support level. At that support another reversal is followed by a rally climbing all the way back to the aforementioned support/resistance level. At this resistance level the S&P then reverses again, declining back down to revisit the same level as that of the preceding support.


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Netflix tanks on sub numbers, guidance: +1M in current qtr.
Cramer's first take; On glazer, Henry & The Americans
(NCLH), Pre-market movers
(NFLX), (ROKU), (FUBO), Netflix founder: streaming has always been competitive; NCOVINCA Index
Cyclical rally falters amid virus concerns
(PFE), (BNTX), (MRNA), (JNJ), (AZN), Stocks set for lower open Netflix slide pressures NASDAQ
DOW, S&P 1%+ below highs follows worst day since 3/23; Cyclical rally falters amid virus concerns
(VZ), Stocks maintain April gains, S&P, NASDAQ up 4.1% for month; Stocks to watch ahead of the open
Apple unveils new products betting on M1 and 5G, Investors weigh earnings, virus
Cyclical rally falters amid virus concerns
Netflix shares tumble big slowdown in subs growth
Mark Locke, Genius Sports Co-founder & CEO; NDX, Nueberger Berman CEO: wrestling with pre-pandemic questions
(NFLX), Netflix & chilled growth; GBPUSD, U.K. March CPI +0.7% Y/Y, est. +0.8%
(AAPL), Apple unveils new products betting on M1 and 5G; USDCAD, Central banks weigh inflation issue
(AMZN), (DISH), Coming up: Amazon & Dish team up; Europe's rebel soccer league collapses after fans force exit
Apple supplier targeted in ransomware attack; Lawmakers to question Google, Apple
(TTC), Pete's new buy Toro Company
Averages last fell for 3 straight days March 2-4, Doubleverify makes public debut
SPAC transactions come to a halt amid SEC crackdown
Consumer inflation expectations rise
Shilling: much of the stimulus money being pumped out is being saved
European soccer super league folds two days after launching
Minerd: reallocate to fixed income if equities decline; Pelosi pushes for commission to investigate capitol riot
Chipotle earnings on deck fast food stock check; Powell: will taper before raising rates
(MA), (PYPL), (BAC), (COST), Fearless fund targets VC investment inequities; Munis in high demand, short supply
(CMG), Chipotle digital sales soared 134% during the first-quarter; Spirit air 1Q oper rev. per asm -18.2%
Broader implications of recent moves in bond market
(WHR); VIX Index
Whole food store allows customers to pay with palm scan
Top hideouts plays; Affirm CEO on economy reopening
Asian CDs drop most the week after Huarong PBOC report
Still more to see from NFLX? Cramer's on the case after earning sent the stock down 7%
One-on-one with MRVL
Tech check! Cramer's digging into MRVL; Nearly 1,500 arrested in Navalny rallies
Justice dept launches investigation of Minneapolis police department; Asian stocks set to snap 2-day loss







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