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S&P 500 Forecast for Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


100% (7 correct statements out of 7 statements.)

The theme and overall behavior of the S&P 500 for today will be delays, disruptions, and instability. Investors are distrustful and a sharp dip AND/OR an extreme price swing(s) within an already volatile market. Big moves today in general. In the premarket there is a rebalancing/consolidation exhibited by a dip within a period of bullish rotation. Around the open an economic leader provides support highlighting new ideas about economic security. As a result there are bearish price swings out of the open. From the bearish price swings there is a strong move (direction indeterminate) that takes place roughly between 9:50 and 11am est. There is a strong decline off of a high/crest between roughly 11am and 12pm est. as a cycle reaches completion and the crest’s level is not revisited. Expect the unexpected as the improbable happens between 12pm and 1pm est. and I may choose to close any bearish day trades for today around this time. Between roughly 1pm and 2pm est. caution is advised due the market behaving in such a way that causes investors to act impulsively. Between roughly 2pm and 3pm est. there is suddenly a big move higher as investors overcome fear and optimism sets in. This huge move higher continues into the close.

There is a strong move higher into today’s high.

The day’s low forms when a decline meets support, reverses, meets resistance, reverses again, and decline to meet the same support again.

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins4/6/21@6:32am est. Finishes4/7/21@6:05am est.

#MoonEntersPisces @4:30pm est.


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USGG10YR, FED in focus as stocks hover near highs
Jamie Dimon's 2021 letter to shareholders; EU drug regulator finds possible Astra shot-blood clot link
(ARKX), Dimon warns of Fintech, big tech
Stocks lose early gains ahead of FOMC minutes
France signals progress in U.S. talks on global and digital tax
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Bremmer: there will be some sort of U.S. political boycott at Beijng olympics
Big call on tech, Wedbush: +25-30% rest of year
Plaid's valuation tops $13B raises $425M in Series D funding round
New York state approves online sports betting in budget; Brand: have made tremendous investment in our operations
Biden: generation will be marked by competition between democracy, autocracy
Georgia Secretary of State on voting law backlash
Biden: debate is welcome, there will be compromise
DOW lower for 2nd-straight day; Study: pandemic shrinks middle class
Employment improvement sparks discussions of FED balance-sheet tapering
Adeyemo: working to counter race to bottom on taxes
Georgia boycott threat; Jordan: Europe's growth is not far behind the U.S.
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U.K., EU warning on Astra clot risk
Nonfarm payrolls rose by 916k in March, while the unemployment rate decline to 6%
U.K., EU regulators say vaccine's benefits outweigh risks
Yesterday, PAYX reported a better than expected 3Q '21, earning an adjusted $0.96 per share vs. $0.92 est.
Prosus said to guide top-end pricing for $14.7B tencent selldown
Cramer on takeaways from an important Wall Street voice



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