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S&P 500 Forecast for Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins8/11/21@3:16am est. Finishes8/11/21@7:22am est.

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins8/11/21@3:16am est. Finishes8/11/21@7:22am est.

#MoonEntersLibra @4:08pm est.

#MercuryEntersVirgo @5:57pm est.


CPI ex-food & energy up 0.3% vs. up 0.4% est.; DXY, U.S. July real average weekly earnings decrease 0.7% Y/Y
Bitcoin slightly higher up 35% in last month; Sadove: luxury is back
Dleta, Southwest, American won't require worker vaccinations; Mester: vital to understand inflation
S&P 500 hits intraday record high
(KSU), (CNI), (CP), KC Southern likely to delay vote on CN deal until STB ruling - Sources
Amex to delay full return to office due to Covid - RPT; Crude falls after U.S. calls for OPEC+ boost
MGGT, Meggitt got preliminary proposal from transdigm at 900P/share
Chinese internet ETF (KWEB) down 50% from recent high
Coinbase cashes in crypto exchange sees Q2 bump
(DOCS), Doximity pops on earnings; Joby Exec. Chair: technology is ready, certification is next challenge
USGG10YR, Swonk: delta has divided the world between vaccinated and unvaccinated
"Everything rally'? How to invest in the market
Crocker: we don't understnd the Taliban at all
Financials, utilities are best-performing sectors; Taliban complete northeast Afghan blitz
Regulating the app market; CLU1, U.S. engaged with OPEC+ countries to ensure reliable supplies
BVMB30T, Munis post fourth consecutive month of positive returns in June
INDU, Stocks trade mixed for fourth day
Gensler seeks Warren's help in crypto exchange crackdown
US1 Comdty
SBA administrator: delta uncertainty could limit main street recovery; Biden: addressing gas prices
Calstrs CIO on FED's taper timeline; Stagflation back on traders' radars
Joby Chairman: we designed an aircraft that isn't exclusively for the wealthy
(DAL), Southwest's warning sign trading the travel sector
(MRNA), Moderna shares sink worst day since May 2020; XBT, Volatility in crypto trading
(BAC), next move for yields what it means for markets
Disney earnings on deck trading the options activity; Samsung's flip 3 & fold 3 phones
Aguzin: IPO pipeline at record levels
From Ghost Pepper Ranch to developing Ghost Kitchens, Cramer's getting the latest on WEN from the CEO
NCLH CEO on cruising vaccine mandate; Hackers return hijacked funds


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