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S&P 500 Forecast for Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins8/4/21@2:25am est. Finishes8/4/21@3:38pm est.

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins8/4/21@2:25am est. Finishes8/4/21@3:38pm est.

#MoonEntersCancer @5:17pm est.


GM share fall post-earnings CEO & share Mary Barra live; Donovan: are we counting correctly
Cramer's first take; H.K. keeps quarantine exemption for Guangdong
(NXPI); (H), (UAL), (AAL), (CCL)
(HOOD), S&P 500 retreats after Tuesday record close; U.S. July nonfarm payrolls est. 875K
(NFE), Wes Edens on national infrastructure deal, PXD, Pioneer CEO: in talking with investors, they don't want hedging
Clarida: conditions for raising rates could be met by end-2022
Honeywell CEO: return to office varies country by country, focused on data
(ATVI), (TTWO), (SONY), (EA), (ZNGA), Investing in the metaverse Matthew Ball on Zuckerberg
(HOOD), Robinhood shares surge #2 most active Nasdaq stock; Crypto changes loom in infrastructure debate
More district attorney's seek info on conduct by NY Gov Cuomo; U.K. to offer vaccines to anyone 16 and up
Top stocks to watch the halftime report; 4 million new Covid cases last week: W.H.O.
(MOH), Former HHS secretary on encouraging more vaccinations; BOFA bets on return of business travel
Royal Caribbean pacing for fifth down week in past six; BVMB10T, Buyers flee to Munis on Biden's tax plan
(JETS), Losing altitude airline stocks' 3-month rut; Sen. Durbin: infrastructure passing senate this weekend or Monday
Tech, communication services lead; Equity Index
First arms sale to Taiwan by Biden administration is approved
Lavalle will lead Grayscale's efforts to turn GBTC into an ETF
S&P 500 down but off the lows
INDU, Suzuki: underlying growth from here is still pretty strong
SPXL2 Index, DOW transports closes down 2%
EA, Electronic arts 1Q ADJ Rev $1.34B, est. $1.29B
Roku 2Q net rev. $645.1M, est. $613.1M
Uber sees 3Q gross bookings $22B to $24B, est. $22.41B
Etsy 2Q EPS 78C vs. 75C Y/Y
Re-meme-ber me? Shares of 'Hood' surging today; FTAA, Surging popularity of SPACS
Robinhood takes flight shares soar up 50%; SPX Index
SEC chair on dark pool trading; Musk highest paid CEO in 2020
FED's Clarida sees rate liftoff conditions met by end-2022, first hike in 2023
Cramer's offering up the real deal on the health of the economy
Keeping a eye on ARK: Cramer's watching the trends set by the investment firm; Boeing max heads to China for tests
 U.S. struggles to get COVID resurgence under control
How should investors approach XPO logistics, Inc (XPO) after its spinoff of newly public GXO logistics?
DBS says business momentum to be sustained in coming quarters
Don't get HOOD winker - Cramer's explaining why should invest cautiously after a strong rally


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