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S&P 500 Forecast for Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Updated: Oct 3, 2022


Intentional fake out, shake out, false triggering of an indicator in order to make humans perform bad decisions. Crossed with the fortune card so there may be a notable high.

Around the Highs:

There is a big push to the high, but it is nullified, so it may be short lived.

Around the Lows:

Bullish rotation and trade opportunities.


In the pre-market is the Ace of Swords with lots of volatility. It is crossed with the Devil card, so here we will see an intentional fake out or shakeout. Around the open, there is still correlation to the Devil card, so the fake out could last or happen around here. There is a bit of fluctuation around the open where the inflow and outflow are roughly the same. In the first half hour, there are three failed attempts to breach resistance and we drop sharply. We reach a support level around 10:15am to noon, then we have a move higher. This is a notable support level that we push off. We have another trade opportunity between noon and 1pm where we push higher and meet a resistance level and then that resistance becomes support. We then have another fake out somewhere between 12:45pm and 1pm, and we revisit a support level and opportunity between 1pm and 2pm. Between 2pm and 3pm there is a failed attempt to breach resistance and we drop sharply. There is a piece of news that comes out around 3pm, maybe 3:05pm. Then there is a very sharp decline in the last hour, and we sell off from an overbought crest right around the close. In the post-market we have three crosses through the same price level, indicating a bullish trend.



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