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S&P 500 Forecast for Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins7/21/21@10:06am est. Finishes7/21/21@6:26pm est.

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins7/21/21@10:06am est. Finishes7/21/21@6:26pm est.


Key infrastructure vote today top senate GOP negotiator live
OppFi to debut on NYSE today will trade under ticker 'OPFI'; Test vote on Biden-GOP deal set to fail
(F), (AMZN), (AAPL), (NFLX), (GOOG), Cooperman on F.A.A.N.G.: "they're great companies"
(KO), Stocks to watch Coca=cola, Chipotle, Harley-Davidson; Crypto "b-word" event to kick off
Tellurian to develop a $15.5B LNG export terminal in Louisiana
U.S. life expectancy drop much larger than similar nations
EURUSD, Positioning in era of higher inflation
(F), (AMZN), (AAPL), (NFLX), (GOOG), Netflix's subscriber slump streamer loses in US & CA
Biden's top antitrust cop who is Jonathan Kanter?; U.K. on EU collision course again over Brexit
JPMorgan Chase gives CEO Dimon 1.5M options to stay on for years
Bitcoin rebounds trading above $31K; Olczak: a lot of investment and effort going into heated tobacco
Republicans poised to thwart Schumer on infrastructure vote
(DKS), Major averages extend gains; Cantrill: businesses concerned about possible corporate tax rate changes
Evacuations ordered around Dow Chemical Plant in Texas; China blasts U.S. after Microsoft hacking claims
Stocks have best 2-day gains since May 13-14
(JPM), JPM board awards Dimon now deal to stay as CEO; Stocks push higher, bonds fall
(SAVA), Dominic Chu, CNBC Business News; (JNJ), J&J raises annual forecast
Biden to meet on cybersecurity next month
America's financial future parents getting more pessimistic; Pelosi bars Trump allies from Jan. 6 probe
3333 HK Equity, World-beating rally in China bonds is primed to continue
JPM board gives Dimon surprise 1.5 mil. stock options award
(AMGN), (AAPL), (WMT), Senate GOP blocks opening debate on infrastructure bill
DOW< S&P 500, Nasdaq post 2-day win streak; TXN, Texas instruments sees 3Q rev $4.40B to $4.76B, est. $4.59B
Fauci: don't think we'll see a central mask mandate; MBA mortgage apps. fell 4.0% last week
Intel, SNAP, Twitter set to report tomorrow; Kang: wish we could have kept alcohol to go
TMRW investors include Casdin Capital, Peter Thiel, and Anne and Susan Wojckcki
Musk: I might pump but I don't dump
(MARA); Earnings trump virus worries
Ryan in Michigan; Progressive Democrats would like to see woman like FED's Brainard in Powell's seat
Cramer on what the FED did right for the recovery; Earnings trump virus worries


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