S&P 500 Forecast for Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

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Cramer's first take; Powell: hard to say when bottlenecks vanish
Stocks seek to extend advance Powell calms markets; Gensler: equity swap stakes may also need more disclosure
Williams says rate liftoff is still way off
(LUV), Southwest Airlines CEo Gary Kelly to step down in 2022, Robert Jordan to succeed him
Nasdaq sets record high; Tech extends gains to third day
Record high for S&P tech sector; U.S. June Manf. Index at record high
FAA has issued $563,00 in fines; Adams leads NYC mayoral race
Sprinklr goes public on the NYSE; Brexit five years after vote
Crowley: primary turnout not as robust as we would like to have seen
(NFLX), Faang stocks back in favor investors returning to growth?
Blackburn applaudes supreme court ruling on NCAA athlete rights
(VUG), (FDN), (ARKK), Brypto bounces back after wild day of trading; Reaching an infrastructure deal
(NFLX), Does NFLX need ad dollars?
(ROKU), (AAPL), (SNAP), (VIAC), 3-month performance netflix (NFLX) down 4%; The future of smart Columbus
H.K. stars first nat'l. security law trial
(VIAC), (ROKU), (CMCSA), Comcast calls report it's considering deals "pure speculation"
Fed's Bostic: recognize inflation is above target; Kelly: staffing is a little tight
Fed bank stress test sets stage for buybacks, dividends; USGG10YR Index
(NOV), (CMCSA), (HSIC), New home sales hit one-year low; BKX, Bonds fall slightly with the dollar
(TSLA), (PDD), (MELI), Stocks losing steam into close; CCMP
Inflation impact on U.S. housing market
(MRNA), (PFE), (BNTX), CDC safety group: benefits of getting Covid vaccine still outweigh risks
Congress takes on big tech antitrust bills in focus; Tech antitrust showdown opens
KBH builds gains shares jump post-earnings; EA to buy golf clash maker
Kaplan: Fed needs to have 'healthy dose of humility' as it tries to gauge economy now
Cramer on the record-breaking housing boom
NSW Health Minister in isolation
Cramer: I think SNAP's going to put up excellent numbers whether or not the Fed tightens sooner than expected