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S&P 500 Forecast for Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


90% (9 correct statements out of 10 statements.)

The overall theme of the day is that of a trap and or intentional shakeout through the use of a sharp move countering the trend and falsely triggering an indicator. I advise myself to trade around a very strong decline from a peak. In the pre-market, investors seek clarity. This is reflected in the market by bearish sideways price swings. Within this period of price swings, a day’s high and a day’s low are both formed. Right around the open, bullish consolidation proceeds to confirm a breakout and a key resistance level is broken, creating new support. This suggests to investors a significant step towards higher levels. From the open through roughly 11 AM EST, overall increase and/or wild swings create a breakout through resistance to reach an additional resistance level at which point there’s a pullback. Around roughly 10 AM EST to 11 AM EST, another day’s high forms from a significant move higher out of a decline and it bumps along a resistance level. I advise myself that the main highlight of the day, to reiterate, that of a trap or intentional shakeout, is involved around this second high and/or crest. Between roughly 12 PM EST and 1 PM EST, a significant decline related to multiple headwinds transpires, moving through at least one support level to reach a day’s low. Between roughly 1 PM EST and 2 PM EST, bad news related to a longstanding, problematic relationship involving financial business or news from afar is highlighted around a decline after three failed attempts at breakout through resistance. Between 2 PM EST and 3:15 PM EST, another day’s low is formed. At this low, I advise myself to interpret this end of day low as an opportunity to open bullish positions. In the last hour of trading, a strong decline transitions into a sharp move higher. I advise myself to utilize this move higher right around the close of the day to close the bullish positions I had just previously opened and to open bearish positions right around the close. From roughly the close through the post market, another notable decline through multiple support levels fueled by unexpected news. I remind myself that a notable pivot point in tomorrow’s session is an opportunity for me to take profits and/or open additional positions.

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins5/18/21@10:29am est. Finishes5/19/21@3:13pm est.

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins5/18/21@10:29am est. Finishes5/19/21@3:13pm est.

#MoonEntersVirgo @4:59pm est.


Target shares surge comparable store sales more than 2X forecast; FOMC publishes April minutes today
Restaurant reopening outlook Brinker Int'l CEO on demand; NDX, Stocks slip on inflation concern
VIX, Nasdaq heads to fifth down week for longest lost streak since 2012
(EAT), Dow, S&P 500 on pace for worst week in nearly 4 months
Stocks tumble; XBT, Bitcoin plunges most in two months
Wood: Bitcoin correction improves odds for crypto ETF approval
Energy sector plunges, WTI on pace for worst day since March
Sell-off rages on; Wood: Ark for out of Apple to focus on 'the next fangs'
Crypto craters; Europe new-car registrations soar 256%
Bitcoin dips to nearly 4-month low; Bostic: I don't spend a lot of time worrying about assets prices
Sen. Capito: we're all dedicated to finding an end result on infrastructure
(LRCX), Excess in the market more unwinding ahead?
Dow on pace for worst week in nearly 4 months; New York positivity rate falls to 1%
Crypto under pressure ether down 24% from highs; Bitcoin plunged 30% at the lows
(GDX) Gold up 6% in one month; TGT US Equity
Dow, S&P on pace for worst week in nearly 3 months; Demirors: China announcement in a non material event
(SPLK), (ASAN), Nasdaq, software stocks continue to lag S&P 500 this year; Retail comes roaring back
FED: Taper discussion could be warranted if economy continues rapid progress; Crypto crash rattles stocks
Jetblue CEO on debut of flights to London; Binance U.S. CEO on platform disruptions
(TCOM), (PDD), (KLAC), Bitcoin rebounds after falling near $30K level; XBT, Crypto crash rattles stocks
Stocks close off session lows; RTY
What's next for crypto trading the sell-off; Crypto crash rattles stocks
Applied materials on deck
Bitcoin fell to nearly $30,000 during today's session after rising to $65,000 last month; Commodity tally crumbles
TGT reported that apparel sales jumped about 60% in 1Q '21; U.S. says halting Nord Stream 2 pipeline is a long shot
Australia seen extending jobs rebound
For 4Q '21 TTWO reported total net bookings grew 19% to $3.553B vs. $2.990B in FY '20
Gaza doctor: health care system will collapse in coming days



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