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S&P 500 Forecast for Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Daily Forecasts to be continued after Mercury Station Direct


U.S. May jobs report next week
Financials vs. Fintech legendary investor on sector outlook; AMZN US, Amazon to buy MGM studios for $8.45B
(PYPL), (SQ), (AFRM), (FRSV); Cramer: Hispanic Americans coming our way
(AMZN), Amazon buying MGM &8.45 billion dollar deal; Stuck in 'transitory' purgatory
(XOM), Exxon's activist battle shareholder meeting today; GOP to offer Biden nearly $1T in spending
Stocks move higher; Stocks to watch at the open
(MS), (BAC), (JPM), Bank CEO's testify senate banking CMTE, hearing; INDU, JPMorgan CEO testifies to congress
vidia preview; USGG10YR, JPM CEO says he would not support workers forming a union
JPM CEO: China's banks will present the biggest competition in coming decades
Tilman Fertitta wins CNBC's NFT auction
VIX, Gorman, Solomon and Fraser all agree to look at BOFA's commitment to $25 an hour min wage
Gamestop building an NFT platform
Nasdaq leaders: Comcast, Tesla, Fox corp; JPM, JPMorgan's Dimon: strong economy could extend into 2023
Dow, S&P 500 briefly dip negative; U.K.'s Cummings: 'crackers' that Johnson is PM
(FDX); Gains include team sports sales as kids get back on the field
GOP's new target: inflation lawmakers attack Biden's agenda; Amazon to buy MGM studios for $8.45B
(VSTO), The great outdoors Cista Outdoor sees record sales; HTZGQ, Icahn confirms he owns stake in Allstate
Tilman Fertitta wins CNBC NFT charity auction; SpaceX to launch 60 more Starlink satellites
Dow closes higher for 4th time in 5 sessions; RTY, Russell 2000 outperformes in big way
(WSM), Williams-Sonoma Q1 comp sales surge past estimates; Big bank CEOs face the hill
Ford capital markets day pop; Instagram will let users hide likes
U.S. trade chief to hold first talks with Chinese counterpart
Bottom line: anyone shorting AMC of Gamestop is out of their mind - wallstreetbets is too powerful
Wday CEO on corporate diversity initiatives; Corcoran: we see potential gains for gold miners
BHP Chile: non-union staff and contractors will keep working
OKTA's customers include Jetblue, T-mobile, Lululemon, Grubhub & Peloton
(JPM), (C), (GS), (BOFA), Justice department is said to open probe into archegos blowup



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