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S&P 500 Forecast for Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


86% (12 correct statements out of 14 statements.)

The main highlight for today is bad news related to a long standing problematic relationship involving business or finance. The overall behavior of the S&P 500 throughout the day is that of a decline after 3 failed attempts to break out through a resistance line. In the pre market investors exhibit definitive optimism pushing the S&P higher with a strong sudden move. This push higher involves the arrival of a moment for which the Street has been waiting. Right around the open there is failed attempt to break resistance. From the open through roughly 10:00 AM there is an extremely powerful move up due to good news. Right around 10:15 there's a transition into a bullish rotation as the result of satisfactory economic data showing continued progression. From the bullish rotation a crest forms when the S&P 500 declines through a diagonal trend line leading to a low right around 11:30. From that trough investors show extreme confidence which is reflected in a strong rally around roughly 11:30 AM. There's [a strong rally] AND/OR [wild swings with an overall bullish direction] between approximately 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM. This overall [increase] AND/OR [wild swings] leads to a break out through a resistance level to reach an additional resistance level at which point the market pulls back due to buyer's remorse. A high forms between approximately 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM when a rally out of a temporary decline eventually transitions into bearish rotation. In the last hour of trading there is a very notable decline. Right around the close a significant choice with life altering implications [between 2 entities] AND/OR [between 2 leaders] is highlighted. The sharp decline in the last hour eventually becomes an equally significant and powerful move higher within the last hour as well on huge volume. Bullish rotation with an overall move higher is exhibited in the post market. An economic leader is also highlighted in the post market. Furthermore of note is that from the lows of this day there will be strong sudden moves higher whereas the highs will be marked by mixed sideways bullish activity around the levels of a previous high.


The honest company to debut prices IPO at $16/share; Kass: the post-pandemic AAPL
GM CEO live on Squawk Box EV Fed tax credits in focus
Rideshare rebound Lyft president on Q1 results; Raimondo: will continue to play tough w/China
(LYFT), Lyft president live on sale of self-driving unit; Rubenstein: taxes harder to pass through
(FB), Facebook oversight board rules to uphold trump ban; Yellen rattles markets with rates talk
Facebook has 6 months to make final decision; Facebook should review Trump matter, board says
U.S. futures near session highs
John Chambers, Fmr. Cisco Systems CEO; Vestas Wind CEO on global supply chain
Hitting reset?; Andersen: world is in a fragile position when we talk about logistics
(SPCE), Blue origin opens ticket sales for space tourists; HNST, Honest Co. opens at $21.22; IP priced at $16
T-Mobile boosts subscriber targets
(AAPL), (MSFT), (AMZN), Is tech in trouble? how to play it now; Risks of higher inflation
(GM), GM reaffirms full year profit target of $10B-$11B; GM CEO on chip shortage
Energy vastly outperforming other sectors
Lumber slightly off its recent record high; Stefanik emerges as pick to replace Cheney
(ARKK); PTON, Peloton recalls treamills
Facebook oversight board rules to uphold Trump ban; Judge blocks CDC eviction moratorium
Hayward makes a splash first quarterly results since IPO
(HAYW), Hatward Holdings CEO on supply shortage; Prudential financial Aum $1.66T, +12% Y/Y
(TAN), Chip shortage hits solar; Barra: seeing strong demand for our full-sized trucks and SUVs
Japanese town bets on giant squid statue to boost tourism
G-7 signals deep concern over alleged China human-rights abuses
Technical red flags trading bearish stocks; Boston to fully re-open in late August
Blue origin sets first crewed flight for July 20; Buyers flee to Munis on Biden's tax plan
Facebook oversight board upholds Trump ban; Equity Index
Philip Morris CEO on smoke-free strategy; Akamai 1Q rev. $843M, est. $829.7M
(MRK), (CAT), (JPM), Clarida: still a long way away from out goals
GM rallies on upbeat outlook; S5HLTH, U.S. supports waiver of vaccine-patent protections at WTO
Uber 1Q loss $108M, incl $281M stock-based compensation expense
Uber to take $600M charge related to UK driver reclassification
(DENN), The inflation factor potential impact on Denny's; Ramamurti: our point if to have tight labor market
Trump Facebook ban upheld as review board extends exile for now
"Super bullish buy signal" Sankey's case for energy
XET, Novogratz: bitcoin has a long way to go before it becomes gold
(MELI), Mercadolibre bought $7.8M in bitcoin in Q1- SEC filing
IRS can serve "John Doe Summons" seeking IDs of taxpayers who used crypto - court
SpaceX launches fifth starship prototype test flight in Texas
In 4Q '20, BBBY saw 22% of its customers place more than one online order, compared to about 17% last year
Barrick Gold CEO blasts 'hysterical' investors chasing quick cash
GM showed up F today - But Cramer's illustrating why he still believes in the latter



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