S&P 500 Forecast for Wednesday, September 23, 2020


% ( correct statements out of statements.)

Day's Theme - Rotation AND/OR completion of a trend. President Trump highlighted in the premarket AND/OR overnight. Between the premarket and approximately 10:15am est. there is a very brief high followed by a significant sell off (relative to a 1-day chart.) Between approximately 10am and 12pm est. there is some rebound AND/OR a full retracement back to the same high as earlier. This peak provides a trade opportunity (likely for bearish expectations.) Negative news regarding a female leader may be highlighted during the decline. A rally out of a low forms between roughly 1pm and 2pm est. Another notable decline moving into the last hour. In the last hour there is some upward movement bouncing along a trendline until meeting a resistance level. An update/response from a female leader in regard to a secret or scandal of some kind is highlighted in the last hour. Ends lower but off the lows. Another trade opportunity in the postmarket.

1-Day High - In the premarket AND/OR between 11am and 12pm est. The high will be brief. I am advised to seize the opportunity presented between approximately 11am and 12pm est.

1-Day Low - Forms between roughly 1pm and 2pm est. AND/OR in the postmarket. A male economic authority is highlighted at the lows.

Planned Trades - I've been advised to open bearish positions AND/OR protect long equity positions between 11am - 12pm est.


I may open bearish positions around between 11am and 12pm est. in which case I may close them between approximately 1pm -2pm est. AND/OR in the postmarket

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins9/23/20@12:20am est. Finishes9/23/20@1:31pm est.


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#MoonSagittariusSquareNeptunePisces @12:20am est.

#MercuryLibraSquareSaturnCapricorn @6:38am est.

#VenusLeoQuincunxNeptunePisces @8:45am est.

#MoonSagittariusSextileMercuryLibra @11:31am est.

#MoonSagittariusTrineMarsAries @1:31pm est.

#MoonEntersCapricorn @7:16pm est.

#MoonCapricornSquareSunLibra @9:55pm est.


"U.S. IHS markit services PMI"
Wisconsin struggling with covid as U.S. surpasses 200,000 deaths.
6 week low reached by gold. NKE
NKE, ADDYY, PUMSY, TSLA Tesla creates a lawsuit against U.S. regarding China tariffs.
JPM, NKE JPMorgan transferred $230 billion to DE. Nike shares increase with increase in online sales of 82%.

Newly placed rerstrictions on the U.K. might go on for 6 month. TSLA