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S&P 500 Weekly Forecast for July 20 - July 24, 2020

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

The frequency and magnitude of my clairvoyant receptions have both been intensifying in the last few days. A historical decline AND/OR crash is right around the corner. Hold on to your pants, this is going to be an intense week.

Also sensing something regarding a female leader, who could be Angela Merkel (likely regarding the German economy or possibly covid-19 statistics) AND/OR Nancy Pelosi (likely regarding stimulus legislation and a planned political move that may be presented as unforeseen.). This female leader is hiding something AND/OR something is being hidden from her. Something important, that could be the catalyst for a memorable market decline/crash. A hint around Tuesday's close. This hidden catalyst is revealed somewhere between Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

The Week's Theme - Decline off of a major resistance level AND/OR melt-up to major resistance followed by a memorable decline. A secret comes to light highlighting a female leader.

Mon - Gap down AND/OR bullish even in the face of overwhelming opposition. Bouncing around support/resistance throughout the morning session.

Tues - Down

Wed - B

Thurs - .

Fri -

Trading Opportunities:






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