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S&P 500 Weekly Forecast for June 22 - June 26, 2020

*******$9,674.79 Profit in One Week using $24,500. (thats a 40% account increase in 5 days without placing a single day trade.

The Week's Theme - Misdirection. Whipsaw on Tuesday morning. The Week's High will be on Wednesday. Decline early on Tuesday after a gap up AND/OR a brief climb.

Mon - bullish. Week's low. Trade opportunity.

Tues - Gap up. reversal at key resistance. closes lower.

Wed - Big move higher to reach the Week's high. The week's high will form at key resistance AND/OR where multiple indicators converge. Sideways action but with some big moves.

Thurs - decline.

Fri - gap down. bullish. The week's low forms today. Finishes the week close to even AND/OR lower.

Trading Opportunities: Open long positions on Monday. Close long positions on Wednesday. Open short positions on Wednesday. Possible range bound week. Great for trading.






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