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S&P 500 Weekly Forecast for May 11 - May 15, 2020

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

The Week's Theme - Support AND/OR encouragement from a financial authority. The federal budget at 2pm est. on Tuesday will likely be the "encouragement" I see in the cards. The Week's Low will form Tuesday morning. The week starts with a steep decline through multiple support levels.

Mon - SATURN STATION RETROGRADE. The entire trading day falls within an Astrologic Opportunity Window. Gap to top of key range OR bottom of key range. Strong decline through multiple resistance levels. Reversal mid-day. Beware of mis-direction intended to trigger stops and shake you out of your positions. Finishes significantly lower than the open OR roughly flat for the day.

Tues - Gap down. Opens at AND/OR falls to bottom of key range. Between the open and 10am est. is a good time to make beneficial trades. The federal budget reassures investors and causes the decline to reverse.

NFIB small-business index April @6am est.

Consumer price index April @8:30am est.

Core CPI April @8:30am est.

Federal budget April @2pm est.

Wed - Venus Station Retrograde. Gap down AND/OR decline at the open. Backing for a new project or business is approved. Multiple tops AND/OR multiple bottoms AND/OR sideways movement AND/OR misdirection. Sitting tight on investments. Having to do with education sector AND/OR business funding sector.

Producer price index @8:30am est.

Thurs - Jupiter Retrograde Station. Temptation, fear, AND/OR misdirection.

1-Day High - will form in the post-market at which time there will be rotation into more conservative investments.

Initial jobless claims 5/9 @8:30am est.

Import price index April @8:30am est.

Fri -

Retail sales April @8:30am est.

Retails sales ex-autos April @8:30am est.

Empire state index May @8:30am est.

Industrial production @9:15am est.

Capacity utilization @9:15am est.

Job openings March @10am est.

Consumer sentiment index May @10am est.

Business inventories March @10am est.

Depth of decline: yielded the 10 of Swords. Significant decline.

Length of decline: yielded the 2 of Wands. 2 Days.

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