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S&P 500 Weekly Forecast for May 25 - May 29, 2020

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

The Week's Theme - Significant financial opportunity. Strong decline in the early week. Pivot point on Wednesday/Thursday. Strong rebound off of the weeks low. Market finishes up after much volatility.

Mon - Market Closed for Memorial Day.

Tues - Significant Market Failure eminent. First high for the week takes place today.

Wed - Opportunity to switch from being bearish to being bullish. This week's low.

Thurs - Strong rebound. A financial authority is involved in this rebound.

Fri - Some selling back to a support level. Second high for the week takes place today.

Week's High- will form on Tuesday AND/OR on Friday. The high(s) will partnership, and concerns about commitment and choice in ongoing union.

Week's Low- will form on Wednesday. There will be plenty of bargains for stocks in good companies.

Trading Opportunities:

1) Stay bearish until Wednesday.

On Wednesday:

1) For maximum profit close bearish positions on Wednesday while fear is at its maximum and REALIZE PROFITs.

2) Buy longer term straddle that expires post Mercury Retrograde's Station on 6/17/2020 (preferably with expiration on 7/3/2020.) These will probably be closed after 1:30pm est. on 6/9/2020 AND/OR after 11:39am est. on 6/30/2020.

3)Buy Long term straddle that expires after the Mercury Retrograde Post-Shadow is over (preferably with expiration on 7/31/2020.) These will probably be sold after 3:23pm est. on 6/21/2020.

#MercuryEntersCancer @2:09pm est. on Th. 5/28

#MercuryGeminiQuincuxPlutoCapricorn @12:26am est. on M. 5/25.

#MarsPiscesSextileUranusTaurus @2:48am est. on M. 5/25.

#MercuryGeminiQuincuxJupiterCapricorn @11:35am est. on T. 5/26.

#SunGeminiSextileKironAries @9:57am est. on F. 5/29.

#MercuryCancerQuincuxSaturnAquarius @8:25pm est. on F. 5/29.


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