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S&P Weekly Forecast for April 13 - April 17 2020

The Week's Theme - Breakdown through support after failing to breakout through key resistance. Significant decline off of the Week's High/es.

Mon - The Week's High. Opens at key resistance OR establishes a new multi-week high. News disrupts the market early in the day followed by big move down to support AND/OR a big move off of support at the day's low.

Tues - Big move/s. Opportunity at the day's low/s.

Wed - The Week's Low. Bad news having to do with unemployment AND/OR heavy debt AND/OR or a costly illness.

Thurs - Big move higher. Indecision is resolved. Possible morning star on candlestick charts.

Fri - New week's high OR new week's low. New opportunities. Opens around support/resistance.

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