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S&P500 Forecast for Friday, May 13th, 2022

Updated: Sep 5, 2022


Conflict and no congruency.


We definitely have a high at the beginning of the day. A sideways-S formation that takes place between support and resistance. It looks like there is an important support level which will be a trade opportunity for the day. The majority of the behavior here around the first half hour is going to be bumping along resistance. We may break through resistance and bump along another one. We have a decline that increases in momentum between roughly 10am and 11am. There is a trade opportunity there as well. There is sideways fluidity along support between 11am and 12pm, and then we have a big move to the upside all the way to the upper end of a range in the following hour. There is an agreement between two leaders highlighted in the afternoon. This looks like a bullish day. But then, at the very end of the day, we drop like a rock. We have a high in the last two hours, and there is a high and low within close proximity to each other. There is an opportunity within a rally to open up a short position and to protect against a long one. We have a reversal in the last two hours and a sharp drop off of a high in the last hour to reach a low. There is an opportunity around the close to position myself on both sides of the market.

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