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S&P500 Forecast for Tuesday January 18th, 2022

Updated: Aug 29, 2022


We have a significant drop or an opportunity before a drop to open some short positions to a notable sharp decline.


Be careful, we have the Unicursal Hexagram so it is a big day. We break down through two support levels and bounce around another support. We break down through more support levels and we have the completion of a trend in the pre-market. Within the first half hour of trading, there is a failed attempt to break key resistance and a decline through key support. This transpires through roughly 10am to 11am. Then we have an opportunity to cash in or roll positions in the following hour. There is a sharp decline from noon to 1pm that looks almost like a market failure Then we meet a support level from which there is a notable move to the upside with some rotation in it. That was from 1pm to 2pm, and then there is a further move higher out of a decline or ugly low from roughly 2pm to 3pm. In the last hour of trading we have the end of a period of volatility, and in the post-market we have a big move to the upside.

We have a big move to the high, possibly a move out of being oversold or a short squeeze of some kind. We hit the bottom of a range at the low.

Sneak Preview:

There are multiple failed attempts to break key resistance.

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