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Surprise Attack on Native Soil AND/OR Natural Disaster in the Near Future.

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

***Black ash falling from the sky was blended with the covid outbreaks in Florida, California, and Arizona. The black ash was in all likelihood was the historic Beirut Port Explosion that took place on August 4th.

Regarding the near future but not necessarily this week, a military war is brewing between the West vs China/Russia/possibly Saudi Arabia. In the very near future there will be a surprise attack similar to that of Pearl Harbor or September 11th. If the surprise is not a military attack it will be a terror attack that leaves black ash falling from the sky AND/OR an environmental catastrophe. The naval base in San Diego, California AND/OR the base in Naples, Italy - NSA Naples AND/OR the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii may be strategic military targets.

A seismic event will take place in the very near future. Before the end of 2020 a volcano in Arizona AND/OR California will cause ash to fall from the sky. If not a volcano then there will be an attack on American soil that will cause black rain or black ash to fall from the sky. Jamaica AND/OR Nepal may also be connected either through synchronicity of timing of events AND/OR strategic locations AND/OR seismic activity or Tsunami.

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