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2021 - States of Emergency / Natural Disasters

To be clear all disasters below are expected to transpire in 2021. This is not a broad list in which only some of these are expected to happen. This prediction foretells of ALL of these and more transpire in 2021.

Arizona, Nevada, western Texas, and Mexico governments declare "State of Emergency" due to severe water shortages. Residents of these regions are advised to stock up on spring and distilled water in preparation for the first extreme drought which will EITHER last for years OR is the first in a series of emergency droughts that transpire over the next several years at least.

This Summer the Mid-West will endure what they refer to as the "the drought of the century" and it will be unwisely classified as temporary. In reality the "drought" is a taste the new "normal" climate throughout the region.

California, Arizona, parts of Oregon, and parts of Washington State experience another summer of record breaking wild-fires.

Other parts of Washington State are declared a "State of Emergency" due to flooding and landslides caused by heavy rains around December 2021.

New York City endures significant flooding in all 5 boroughs of New York City with parts of downtown Manhattan underwater. Storm surges are highlighted. Parts of South Florida are flooded due to storm surges. Houston Texas also exhibits extreme flooding in connection with a hurricane(s) AND/OR the Brazos River is involved.

Vague impressions lacking clarity can generally be interpreted as existing off in a distant future. Impressions become more frequent and more clear as events move closer to the present moment. Over time this may develop into a clearer message at which point there will be an update.

I am receiving vague impressions involving the following:

- volcanic activity around the region of Yellow Stone National Park AND/OR Japan.

-Colorado river flood.

Below is a list of safe havens at the time of the Great Flood that will be updated as more locations are received (hopefully..):

-Alaska, Colorado, and parts Washington State.

-Parts of Italy, Spain, Canada, Russia, and Japan.

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