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Daily Spread for Thursday December 5, 2019

Due to the fact that my weekly readings are based on "by the day" units of measurement, the appearance of the Weekly Low Significator within this corresponding daily reading does not indicate accurate timing by the hour. With that said, the appearance of the Weekly Low Significator in this corresponding daily reading is usually a reliable indication that the Week's Low will form during this day's normal trading hours or within the extended trading hours surrounding them.

Market direction could be sideways but I'm leaning towards declining for the day. I will be very surprised should the direction be positive for the day. There will likely be one or two intraday reversals that take place within the first half of the day. There is likely to be another intraday reversal around the last hour of trading.

Today's high will take place in the premarket hours and possibly again in the first 1.5 hours of the trading day. Today's high will offer significant trading opportunity.

Today's Low will likely take place either at the very end of the day or roughly between 1PM and 4PM est. Today's low will form with a strong move either into the day's low or a strong move reversing off of the low. Today's Low is likely to be the Lowest Low for this week but it is possible that it will just be the new Weekly Low thus far.

#MoonEntersAries 2:44PM est

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