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Pluto Retrograde Chart Pattern Theory

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Based on the theory outlined below, the following chart is a projection of the future S&P500 technical chart over the time period from October 4th, 2020 through December 26th, 2020.

Pluto retrograde periods provide a powerful trading opportunity for the reasons explained below. A planetary retrograde period is when the planet, as it travels "backwards" across the sky from Earth's perspective. Every retrograde period has two stations at which point the planet has slowed down in the sky and stalls out at each station before reversing direction and speeding up. As you can see in the diagram below for 2020's second Mercury Retrograde period the planet reverses course at the first station and retraces the most recent degrees of the sky. Once it reverses course again at the second station it is basically retracing the same degrees it had traversed before the first station. Using this example the sky degrees 23, 24, and 25 are visited twice while Pluto is traveling in its normal direction across the sky. So why is this important?

A plant's influences are in essence the same on both ends of the retrograde period. In theory, what happens in the degrees leading up to the first station are a preview of what is to come after the second station.

The charts below shows the S&P over the past 5 years and their corresponding Pluto retrograde periods.

S&P500 Technical Chart for Pluto Retrograde 2019
S&P500 Technical Chart for Pluto Retrograde 2018
S&P500 Technical Chart for Pluto Retrograde 2017
S&P500 Technical Chart for Pluto Retrograde 2016
S&P500 Technical Chart for Pluto Retrograde 2015

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