S&P 500 Forecast for Monday, July 26, 2021

Updated: Aug 17, 2021


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Sustainability of growth in the equity markets; Romer: can't just focus on tech breakups
Cramer's first take; U.S. won't lift travel curbs now, due to Covid concerns: RTRS
Tether Execs said to face bank fraud probe - RPT; HSI, China crackdown rocks investors
(TSLA), Stocks edge lower; (EDU), (TAL), (DIDI), (TME)
(OTIS), Dow, S&P 500 move between gains and losses; Tech, health care biggest laggards
New home slaes (ann. rate) 676,000 vs. 795,000 est
(SOFI), Record highs for tech busy eatnings week ahead
Consensus for Tesla annual deliveries: 861K; Japan skateboard stocks jump after host claims gold medals
Soaring margins help hasbro post big earnings jump
Wang: U.S. sanctions against China violate international rules
(MSFT), (AAPL), (GOOGL), Big tech earnings on deck Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet
Democrats make offer as infrastructure talks face time crunch
Chinese tech education stocks plunge on regulatory pressure
(AAL), (UAL), (CCL), (LYV), (DAL), Dow, S&P, Nasdaq on pace for 6-month win streaks; China's sweeping crackdown
Zoom down 37% from its 52-week high; Pfizer, Moderna expand vaccine studies of children under 11: NYT
(AAPL), Big tech earnings this week
USGGT10Y Index
Pfizer, Moderna expand vaccine trials in kids under age 12; Equity Index
(WLTW), (MRNA), (TWTR), Stocks on pace for fifth straight day of gains; SPX Index
(CCL), (PKI), (NOV), (TSLA), Tesla set to report after the bell; Banks climb even with yields mixed
DOW, S&P 500 and Nasdaq post record close; Amazon also denied it plans to launch a crypto coin in 2022
Tesla still sees 50% average annual growth in deliveries
(TSLA), (NIO), (RIDE), Tesla Q2 GAAP auto gross margin: 25.8% ex-credits
Cathei Wood keeps dumping Chinese stocks as Beijing cracks down
(TSLA), Tesla EPS beats $1.45 adj. vs. $0.98 est.; China crackdown rocks investors
Tesla delivered 385K vehicles in first half; S&P closes at new record high
Tesla Q2 GAAP auto gross margin: 25.8% ex-credits; China stocks underperform