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S&P 500 Forecast for Thursday, April 15, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


100% (11 correct statements out of 11 statements.)

The S&P 500 theme for the day is “luck in finding deals..” The overall behavior of the market is mixed. An early decline to a support level is followed by a reversal off of support and then a rally back to another reversal off of a resistance level. From the reversal off of resistance there is a decline back to the aforementioned support level. In the premarket a male economic leader provides encouragement that suggests economic prosperity and a bullish rotation moving notably higher is exhibited. A high forms right around the open providing me with an opportunity to take some profits AND/OR for me to open credit spreads. I further advise myself to focus on new and future opportunities rather that dwelling on past memories and to trade around a big move higher. Mixed sideways and/or slightly bullish mixed sideways behavior out of the open contains with in it a “revisiting” of a past opportunity. Suddenly events move swiftly exhibited by a notable move higher between roughly 10am and 11am est. Policy changes/amendments/litigations AND/OR a male ruler of nations is highlighted between roughly 11am and 1pm est while a bearish rotation significantly increases in volatility transpires. From this period of increasing volatility a move higher pierces a resistance level between roughly 1pm and 2pm est. This move up through the resistance level is shortly followed by a drop back down through the same support/resistance level resulting in the early afternoon peak. I am expecting the unexpected/improbable to happen between roughly 2pm and 3pm est. Unexpected failure causes a mixed sideways decline in the last hour of trading. Right around the close there is an opportunity for me to open protection AND/OR an opportunity for me to sell short. In the post market a necessary and permanent change creates a pivot point AND/OR creates the bottom of a trough which reflects the ending of a cycle/trend.

#MoonEntersGemini @2:35am est.


Boehner unfiltered lessons from capitol hill; U.S. sanctions 6 russian tech. companies
Initial jobless claims 576,000 vs 710,000 est; U.S. retail sales increased 9.8% in March; est. 5.8%
(AMZN), Evolution of the tech sector, where are faang stocks headed?; Powell: will reach time when we will taper
(F), (GM), (TSLA), (TM), stocks open higher
(UBER), The DOW is on pace for its 2nd straight day of gains
The NASDAQ is on pace for a 3rd straight positive week; SPX Index
Dell lays out VMware spin-off plan, generating $9.7B to pay down debt; Stocks hit record high
(BAC), (C); Coinbase's whipsaw debut takes it past $100B
(GS), (WFC), (JPM), Bank shares climb amid strong results
(AMZN), Bezos releases final letter to Amazon shareholders
Economic outlook rises but so do prices...; XBT, retail traders pile into crypto
(COIN), Gird your coins; Biden hits Putin with new Russia sanctions
NASDAQ Laggards Baidu, Moderna, Micron; Bremmer: Russia sanctions are less than what the U.S. could have done
S&P 500 hits all-time high; Weighing Biden's infrastructure plan
DOW hits all-time high tops 34,000 for first time; U.S. put off derivatives rules for a decade before Archegos blew up
NASDAQ on pace for a third straight week of gains
Tech ETF (XLK) hits a new all-time high; Siebel: we're completely transforming oil & gas value chain
Blinken: Afghanistan withdrawal "responsible, deliberate, and safe"
Coinbase's blockbuster debut, can it keep up momentum?
NASDAQ on pace for 3rd straight week of gains; Bonds steal the show
CDC: 125 million Americans have at least one shot; London finance job vacancies soar
Stocks rally on strong retail sales, jobless claim data; J&J pause magnifies unequal rollout
Bank of America CEO on environmental business initiative; Fauci J&J vaccine halt cautions
Stocks rally on strong retail sales, jobless claim data; Stocks climb to record highs
Robbery suspect wearing gorilla mask sought in TX; U.S. data shows recovery gathering steam
The war over Gamestop Einhorn blasts regulators; Moynihan: deposits are way up, loans fell as people paid debt off
Quantumscape falls on Scorpion Capital short report; Indian crowns 4 new unicorns
DOW, S&P 500 post record closes
N.Z. March manufacturing PMI at 63.6
Citigroup's 1Q marks the first since Chief Executive Jane Fraser took the helm of the bank
Footage released of Chicago police shooting 12-year-old Adam Toledo



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