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S&P 500 Forecast for Thursday, October 15, 2020

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


% ( correct statements out of statements.)

Day's Theme -

1-Day High -

1-Day Low -

Planned Trades -

#MoonEntersLibra @1:54am est.


Europe overtakes U.S. in new daily Covid-19 cases; U.S. stocks decline for 3rd day
A 90x return in 5 years? Former Goldman hedge-fund manager says an 'enormous wall of money' is coming
Sen. Ted Cruz on twitter CEO Jack Dorsey subpoena; Morgan Stanley caps a win for Wall Street
Twitter (TWTR); Sen. Ted Cruz on big tech
Robert Smith settles with DOJ in tax probe; .NDBREX G Index
SPX Index; First Citizens, CIT to merge in all-stock deal
First Citizens, CIT to merge in all-stock deal
S&P 500 set for 3rd up week in a row; S&P 500, at near session lows
Michael Yoshikami
Consumers shifting spending from services to goods; Ant group's potential IPO is under threat
Chris Kelly, Fmr. Facebook Chief Privacy Officer; UXVO Index
Bottom line: you need to be ready to pounce; Trump widens stimulus rift with GOP
Mad Money; NCOVDECA Index
Pandemic sapping growth, fueling debt
Reinhart: risk that pandemic crisis turns into financial crisis
PG&E cuts power to thousands of customers in northern CA


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