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S&P 500 Forecast for Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Updated: Oct 3, 2022


Significant price or technical level highlighted. Unexpected failure that leads to the low, and a decline from the high that we don’t revisit.


There is a big move higher, it is the Sun card, and right around the open we have a breakdown through a diagonal trend line with increasing volatility. We have sideways movement within equal inflow and outflow within the first half hour. There is going to be a low at around 10am to 10:10am, and there is a high and a low within the hour of 11am and 12pm. I am advised to open some protection around 11:15am, and there is a high around some news near noon. There is a high and a big drop to a notable low there. A push up to form a peak comes about from 12pm to 1pm, and there is a bunch of sideways volatility between 1pm and 2pm. There is a trade opportunity to cash in on puts somewhere between 2pm and the close. The low is probably close to the close because of the Prudence card, so I may cash in a bit early. Then we push a bit higher right around the close and the post-market. There is an intentional fake out this day, as well as a set up for a correction or sharp decline.

Looking to Tomorrow:

A male leader, most likely the President, will be highlighted

#SunEntersCapricorn @10:59am est.

#MoonEntersLeo @4:45pm est.



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