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S&P 500 Forecast for Tuesday January 25th, 2022

Updated: Aug 29, 2022


Opportunity to open long positions in the midst of a decline.


In the pre-market there is a sharp decline having to do with a global issue. In the first half hour there is a trade opportunity to cash in or roll positions. From roughly 10am to 11am there is significant volatility. In the following hour, there is a selling from support and then some bouncing, maybe rising above. From noon to 1pm there is an additional selling from a peak and we will be near overbought territory on the RSI. Congress is also going to be highlighted between roughly 1pm and 2pm and we will have a rally higher along a diagonal trend line to break through resistance, meet a second, and then pull back.There is bullish rotation between 2pm and 3pm, and economic data may be highlighted here as well. We have a notable move to the upside in the last hour, and this continues on into the post-market.

Around the high, we are going to have an equal move lower and then a retracement higher. Around the low, there is a big drop to the low.

Sneak Preview:

An agreement between two parties and a notable price level is highlighted.

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