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S&P 500 Forecast for Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


90% (9 correct statements out of 10 statements.)

A new situation or significant change/decision slows a decline and causes a notable move higher that transitions into bearish rotation. In the pre market there are multiple attempts to breakout through key resistance. At the open the S&P bumps along resistance. From the open through roughly 10am there is a dip followed by a rebound back to even and highlighted by a leader who is hiding something. From roughly 9:50am through 11am there is a rebalancing between bulls and bears reflected in fluid sideways fluctuations on higher than average volume. Between roughly 11am and 12pm a decision is made by a judiciary or business leader either causing bearish rotation with significant price swings OR the decision is made during bearish price swings causing a sudden move higher between roughly 11am through 1pm. That sudden jump up transitions into sideways bullish rotation between roughly 12pm and 3pm. The day’s high AND/OR a notable crest forms at a pivot point taking place between ~12pm to 3pm. Support is tested in the last hour. Around the close flat bullish rotation transitions into bearish rotation with increasing volatility as we approach 4pm. In the post market there is a decline that reaches support and then bounces off of support, and then rallying back to a reversal off resistance, and then declining to meet support again.

#MoonEntersScorpio @1:33am est.


Futures point to lower open DOW coming off record close
(NUE), 10-year note yield dises to 14-month high; 10-year treasury yields touch 1.77%
The DOW is lower after Monday's record close; U.S. March consumer confidence index 109.7
Bill Hwang's mystery charity hidden wealth & wagers; USGGBE02 Index
AMZN US Equity
Suez delays are adding to pressures on fragile global supply chains
Suez canal blockage freed port of LA Exec. Dir. on congestion
Low-altitude flight to safety; Vaccines become race against time
NFT Mania, crypto investor on outlook; U.S. consumer confidence hits one-year high
IBM's 'retail' quantum computer Cleveland Clinic Partnership; Deliveroo to price shares at bottom of range
(BKNG); KO US, Children of civil rights activists condemn companies' 'silence' on vote law
(X); Robin Hood's COVID relief efforts
Bjorklund: robinhood relief fund is funding small business
Archegos fire sale no ripple effect?; Testimony continues in Chauvin trial
Archegos fallout where is the ripple effect?; Treasury yields touch 14-month high
Could buybacks put a floor under the market?
Investing in the final frontier Ark's space bet; S&P 500 heads to second down day



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