S&P 500 Forecast for Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Updated: Aug 17, 2021


81% (9 correct statements out of 11 statements.)

The following Eso-Meta data contained within this forecast is best utilized in tandem with a 1 day chart of 10-15 minute candlesticks.

The theme of the day is that of a turn for the better when the unexpected or improbable happens. Overall activity of the S&P 500 for the day is a very strong upward movement reaching for a new high. In the pre-market, economic initiatives are highlighted and a sudden strong move higher is exhibited. Right around the market open, the easing of financial obligations and/or the arrival of necessary funds is highlighted within a period of sideways bullish price swings. From the open through roughly 10 AM EST, I am presented with an opportunity to open bullish positions around a days low AND/OR trough which forms after three failed attempts to break resistance. I advise myself to consider a period of consolidation around the open. A wave formation forms between the opening trough through roughly 10:50 AM EST while a decline is cancelled out by an equal move higher returning to the level from which the decline began. From roughly 10:50 AM EST and 12 PM EST, the S&P 500 is range bound while investors reevaluate a situation involving heavy debt. Between roughly 12 PM EST and 1 PM EST, another dip followed by a rebound back to roughly even is displayed. A female leader is also highlighted around this time. Between approximately 1 PM EST and 2 PM EST, another trough is formed when a strong rally commences involving better than expected gains. The rally higher leads to a reversal at the end of a bullish trend which is exhibited between roughly 2 PM EST and the close. A high forms somewhere between 2:30 PM EST and the close. A male ruler of nations is also highlighted in the last hour of trading. Right around the close, investor’s paranoia is exhibited by price fluctuations and/or a temporary decline. A temporary pause is marked by a lull in volume within the post market.


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Best sectors this month: energy, materials
America on the move summer travel spending rebound; Coronado: there is a lot of frictions
(ABNB), Airbnb preps for travel surge CEO Prian Chesky on the record; U.S., EU vow to pressure Belarus
(AAPL), S&P 500 now positive for May Dow up 1.5% this month; Easing inflation fears lift big tech
(AMZN), Amazon nears deal to acquire MGM Studios; U.S. futures rise ahead of the open
Micron CEO: new chip plant will take a long time; Cisco CEO on supply constraints
(BA), Dow up for 4th day; Jonathan Ferro
(F), (GM), (TSLA), (TM), Dow, S&P 500 add to gains for month of May; Consumer disc. stocks lead early gains
Moderna to file for EUA for teen vaccine in early June; U.S. April new-home sales at 863,000 ann. rate; est. 950,000
Robinhood FDTN aims to tackle poverty in NYC
White House: Biden and Putin will "discuss pressing issues" on June 16
Late-stage VC average valuation now over $1B; EURUSD, The catch-up opportunity in Europe
Gut check: Adobe; Europe's largest ever real estate deal
Discord CEO on rise of social audio; Seing's Deutsche Bank turnaround
(AMZN), Return of the fang trade how to play it now; USGG10YR, Bonds climb for fourth day
Ackman on inflation and price increases; Sen. Warner: big banks got through the last year as a success story
Florida Governor signs ban on 'deplatforing' by tech companies; Floyd family members meet Nancy Pelosi
Neteera CEO on using AI to revolutionize health care; Increasing corporate diversity
Tilman Fertitta on the nation's reopening
(NCLH), Norwegian CEO on plans to restart cruising Cisco CEO: going to spend money to take care of our customers