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S&P 500 Forecast for Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


Day's Theme - A rally from day's low to day's high AND/OR decline from day's high to day's low AND/OR price swings in the pre-market. Strong decline starting between the open AND/OR 10:15am est. AND/OR strong decline around roughly 11am to 12pm est. From between roughly 12pm - 1pm through the close there will be a very significant move higher out of the midday trough. There may be a temporary slowing/stalling of the rally somewhere between roughly 2pm and 3pm est.

1-Day High - Forms in the premarket when it stars bouncing around a resistance level. Today's high was the same level as OR close to the level yesterday's low.

1-Day Low - Early-premarket AND/OR 12pm - 1pm est. A lower low tomorrow.

Planned Trades - If I am up early enough I will BTO leveraged bullish ETFs and STC the position before the open.

#MoonEntersGemini @12:03am est.


REGN, Stimulus hopes spur stocks higher open ahead; stock futures rise ahead of the open
Morgan Stanley buys Eaton Vance for $7B in cash/stock; Ms buying Eaton Vance for about $7B
S&P 500 moves between gains and losses; U.S. stocks edge higher at the open
No public events currently on the president's schedule; Trump: don't let Covid dominate your life
Powell: pace of economic improvement moderated since May, June
Powell: outlook highly uncertain, depends on course of virus
Covid tracing app: alerts users of potential covid-19 exposure; Powell: see disinflationary pressures around the world
 Powell: very optimistic we can restore U.S. labor market
NY & NJ joins PA & DE creating regional covid alert app network
Powell: now not the time to give priority to budget concerns
Third-party audio purge: Apple stops selling bose, sonos gear; Ikea aims to expand physical stores
Big tech backlash; Spacex rocket takes satellites into orbit
Big tech backlash; Spacex pocket takes satellites into orbot
Sewing: seen increase in domestic deals
Utilities, materials lead; the covid pet boom
Munster: Facebook most at risk of facing regulation; SSINFT Index
Restrictions helped Arizona sharply lower infections-CDC; leading McCann Worldgroup through Covid-19


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