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S&P 500 Forecast for Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Updated: Aug 1, 2022


% ( correct statements out of statements.)

Day's Theme - A move against the going trend AND/OR a fibonacci retracement. The street sentiment is highly emotion which leads One to believe today's moves to be on the larger scale of a 1-day chart. In the premarket there is a decline off a high at a resistance level OR in the premarket there is a gap down to a support level which is tested at least 1-4 times before rallying until roughly 10am est. Between approximately 9:45am and 12:15am est. there is selling through the same support level that was previously tested. A notable move higher between roughly 11am to 12pm est. Between roughly 12pm and 1pm a female democatic leader in the Senate AND/OR in the House of Representatives is highlighted. Between 12pm and roughly 3pm est. this female leader reveals something hidden about a male Republican leader, most likely President Trump AND/OR a Male republican leader reveals something hidden about said Female democratic leader. As a result of revealing this secret AND/OR scandal there is a notable reversal and retracement off of a support/resistance/fibonacci level. Market finishes higher but off it's high. The close marks what will later be seen a significant turning point. In the postmarket there is strong emotionally driven move AND/OR emotionally driven price swings.

1-Day High - forms between the premarket and roughly 10am est. at a point where many indicators converge so that it is difficult to anticipate the market's direction.

1-Day Low - forms between roughly 12pm and 1pm est. AND/OR between the postmarket and roughly 10am est.

Planned Trades - Around the open AND/OR around roughly 12pm to 1pm est. there is a significant opportunity to open new positions. I have been advised to pay attention to SPY's behavior in the first 2 hours there may be a quick day trade opportunity available in two equidistant moves.


#SunEntersLibra @9:31am est.


FB Facebook removed two networks, 155 accounts, for election interference.

Snowflake boasts the large ever software IPO with 111% increase. SNOW
According to Mnuchin, the economy rebounded faster than expected. "Nasdaq composite"
Mitt Romney expressses support for Trump nominating scotus.
Fauci urges the nation to take action against Covid.
"Nasdaq composite"
Covid 19 death toll in U.S. tops 200,000.
NKE Nike recieved 6% increase during 1Q in China region.
Police budgets are getting increased in big cities. KBH, BEAT
Personal income hits historical high. TSLA
"Dollar index spot" Mnuchin and Powell expected to testify to the house committee.
"U.K 10-Year yield"
Beta is the 9th storm to make landfall in 2020.

Growing concerns amid Trump's payroll tax plan.

S&P 500 and Nasdaq increase on a boost from Amazon and Apple. AAPL, AMZN
Efforts continue to aid the current economy. DRI, YUM, QSR


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