S&P 500 Forecast for Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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(DKNG), Cramer's first take; Biden-Putin summit begins in Geneva
Investors await Fed's Powell news conferencee at 2:30pm ET; Fed decision coming at 2pm ET
IMF Chief: global economy "strongly interconnected"; Fed decision coming at 2pm ET
(GM), Barra: GM continuing to make EV advancements: Biden, Putin begin first summit in Geneva
Stocks edge higher ahead of Fed decision; (GM), (F), (TSLA), (WKHS), Stocks to watch at the open
(ORCL), (RBLX), Stocks to watch Oracle, Roblox, Sofi; Biden meets with Putin in Geneva
Tripadvisor launches $99/year travel subscription membership; Biden's first small-group session with Putin has ended
Weedmaps gets smoked shares under pressure post SPAC-deal; Yellen: we're monitoring inflation very carefully
European travel outlook
Resorts world to offer mobile cashless payments; Awaiting Pres. Putin news conference
Meme stock mania pubmatic's high short interest; Ruble rises to daily high as Putin comments on ambassadors
Next: sell energy stocks; GM ups spending on electric vehicles
Stocks drift ahead of Fed decision; Yellen: economy on the way to post-Covid recovery
Biden: human rights will always be on the table; Biden: discussed strategic stability, details on arms control
Biden: 'I did what I came to do' in Putin meeting
Biden: communicated US unwavering commitment to Ukraine sovereignty
USGG10YR, Fed keeps benchmark rate on hold, maintains $120B bond-buy pace
US10Y, Fed: progress on vaccinations reducing impact of crisis
Fed: 7 officials see rates rising in 2022; 13 see them rising in 2023; S&P 500 extends decline post-Fed decision
Fed keeps rates unchanged, raises inflation expectations; USGG2YR, 2-year yield highest since June 2020
Powell: policy will continue to deliver powerful support to economy; Powell: indicators continue to strengthen
Powell: this was the 'talking abou ttalking about' meeting; Powell: FOMC's focus is the state of the economy
Powell: good to see longer-term inflation expectations move up
Powell: near-term inflation rise related to economy reopening
S&P 500 closes down 0.5%, NDX drops 0.3% after Fed decision
(WLTW), (ORCL), (TTWO), Dow posts 3-day losing streak
Riding out of the pandemic; Biden says he confronted Putin on human rights, cyber attacks