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S&P500 Forecast for Monday March 14th, 2022

Updated: Sep 4, 2022


Significant trade opportunity to cash in and make some money. We could possibly open some new investments as well.

Trade Opportunities:

I want to trade around a big move higher followed by an equal move lower.


There is a notable breakout that popped up clairekinectically in the pre-market. We have a move higher through resistance to successfully create support. There is an important price level highlighted around the open. We move sideways through 10am along support. Roughly between 10am and 11am we take a prominent move to the upside and that continues through noon. At 12pm a female leader is highlighted and there is some sideways fluctuation with a downward trend just prior to a bullish trend. Between 1pm and 2pm, there is a flight to safety and an even more significant decline in the following hour. In the last hour of trading we will see sideways fluctuation with a bullish trend. In the post-market there is a significant fall and something hidden comes to light.

Around the high there is a sudden fast move higher out of a decline marking the end of that decline. The lows are going to form around the completion of bullish trends.

Sneak Preview:

Significant amount of volatility.


















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