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S&P500 Forecast for Tuesday March 1st, 2022

Updated: Sep 4, 2022


We have a selling from an overbought crest.


In the pre-market we are selling down to a support, possibly through it temporarily, and then back up above it. We bounce along it so we settle down to support through it and then come bounce along it. Right around the open we have a breakdown through support to meet a second support level. We bounce around that and then we break down through multiple levels. There are a ton of negative headwinds coming out and a sharp decline early on. There is a U-shaped dip where there is an intersection of diagonal trend lines. Something may be coming to light that was previously hidden. Then we have a reversal and an opportunity to trade around it. There is a significant bottom or trough here. Then we have a big push higher from possibly overbought or oversold territory from a short squeeze or something of that sort. There is a lot of back and forth indecisiveness going on. After that big push to the upside, we have a breakout eventually. In the last hour of trading, and we go even higher in the post-market. It is an opportunity to short or protect long positions or buy puts.

There is a sideways-S between two price levels with a downward trajectory that will be involved around the low. The high is a bullish trend.

Sneak Preview:

A sharp decline and a huge opportunity.

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