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Tesla Predictions for October 2023 (Early Access Public)

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

  • Month’s Theme: A near overbought peak or crest that we’ll sell off from. We’ll break down from that shortly thereafter with a full retracement.

  • Behavior Around the High: An opportunity to open positions in both directions.

  • Behavior Around the Low: A peak that we’ll sell off from notably through multiple support levels into the low.


On the 2nd, there’s a pop and drop and a trade opportunity. On the 3rd, there’s likely a peak or crest early in the day. There’s also a sideways S-formation. On the 4th, we’ll likely have the highest high. There’s a lot of price change to the upside. There are also three local highs on a one-day chart on the 4th. There’s a rally out of the 4th and into the 5th. On the 5th, the rally ends with a fast, sudden move higher and then a breakdown through a diagonal trend line and then increasing volatility on the way down. There’s a trough the morning of the 6th followed by a move to the upside. We’ll likely meet an important resistance level, stay above it briefly, and then break back down shortly thereafter.

On the 9th, we’ll likely open to the downside and have a U-shaped dip with a trough midday and a crest or peak at the end of the day. On the 10th, there’s a drop or gap down into a trough in the morning and a rally out of that trough. We’ll open at a lowest low thus far on the 11th. There’s then a big move out of that low. There’s a crest on the cusp of the 11th/12th and a gap down from the 12th into the 13th. There’s a big move higher on the 13th followed by some sideways rotation establishing support.

On the 16th, we’ll move higher through resistance, stay above it briefly, and then break back down shortly thereafter with a full retracement. There’s also a sideways-fluctuating rally that precedes a decline. That decline takes us into the 17th where there’s an important support level. There’s likely a lowest low there. On the 18th, we’ll have a rally into key resistance where we have a failed attempt to break through followed by a decline through key support. There’s a trough at the end of the day. On the 19th, we’ll open slightly higher and then have a big move higher early in the morning. That rally ends with the halting of a bullish trend marked by a sharp decline through key support. On the 20th, we’ll likely have a move higher and then a full retracement of that move back down.

On the 23rd, we’ll likely open around the same level as the trough on the 20th. We’ll come up against an important resistance. There’s a peak or crest toward the end of the day. There are price swings on the 24th and we’ll have a lowest low in a trough toward the end of the day. There’s sideways rotation on the 25th that ends with a fast, sudden move higher. There’s a trade opportunity on the 26th. We’ll decline and create multiple new resistance levels on the way down. On the 27th, there are multiple failed attempts to break through key resistance.

There may be an unexpected move higher on the 30th. There’s a prominent reversal on the 31st.

Sneak Preview

An unexpected move higher.

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