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S&P 500 Forecast for Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Updated: Oct 3, 2022


Crisscross through the same price level three times, confirming a bullish trend. The first cross is in the pre-market, the next is around 11am to 12pm, and the third is around 1pm to 2:30pm-ish.

Behavior Around the High:

Opportunity to buy calls shortly before reaching the high.

Behavior Around the Low:

Big push higher out of the low, possibly breaking resistance.

Trade Opportunities:

The Moon card, a sharp decline and price swings.


In the pre-market there is a trough, something highlighting a male leader. The crisscross happens in the pre-market or the first cross of three. Around the open there is a breakdown through a diagonal trend line, creating some volatility on the way down. We have the Adjustment card, which gives a clairvoyant impression for a bullish trend, indicating a big move higher in the first half hour. We come to a notable price level and then flatten out between 10am and 11am. Then there is a move lower to reach the bottom of a range, and then it returns. It makes a U-shaped dip between 11am to noon. The high points of this shape will likely be the highs for the day.

There will be an unexpected failure, and some bearish bouncing around a support level. There is a sharp decline from roughly 1pm to 2pm, and a push to the upside to hit resistance. At this resistance we fall from an overbought location between 2pm and 3pm. There will be selling off of that peak. In the last hour there is an opportunity to position yourself on both sides of the market, calls and puts. There is low correlation here at the end of the day. There is a trade opportunity at the end of the day, and we push higher and then sideways in the post-market.

Looking to Tomorrow:

The Cruelty card, a sharp decline through multiple support levels.

#MoonEntersScorpio @6:55am est.

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