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S&P 500 Weekly Forecast for August 24 - August 28, 2020

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

The Week's Theme - Possible low for the Month of August takes place this week.

Monday - A brief high early on Monday. An intraday rally higher. Ends the day with volatility AND/OR notable decline on a one day chart.

Tuesday - Early behavior undetermined.*** Strong intraday move higher. Ends with selling off of a high.

Wednesday - Gap up or early rally. Some selling around the high. Finishes higher, an economic leader or good economic news is highlighted.

Thursday - Early reversal. Intraday decline to AND/OR through support. Afternoon rally into resistance. Closes bouncing around resistance.

Friday - Big gap down AND/OR strong decline in the morning. A male ruler/president is highlighted in the intraday session. Afternoon rally AND/OR sideways movement around support/resistance.

The Week's High - Somewhere around the afternoon on Wednesday AND/OR the morning on Thursday.

The Week's Low - Roughly between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning AND/OR roughly between Thursday postmarket and Friday morning.

Trading Opportunities: Trade opportunities at the lows AND/OR lesser opportunity on Thursday.



Astrological data with transit times for the week can be found in the corresponding daily readings.







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